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About DaysArts

Daysland and District Cultural Arts Society is a cornerstone of our community's cultural scene. In addition to our acclaimed Concert Series, which annually features a remarkable lineup of Albertan, Canadian & international performers, our Palace Theatre also offers regular movie showings. We present a variety of films, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. Join us for a season filled with exceptional music, compelling performances, and great cinema, all under one roof.

Tury Family Retirement

After the retirement of the Tury family in 1996, the Palace Theatre languished for three years.

DaysArts Founded

In 1999, Daysland and District Cultural Arts Society (DaysArts) was founded, leading to the purchase by the town of Daysland of the Palace Theatre.

Stage Construction

In March 2001, a stage was constructed by two dozen volunteers in a single day, showcasing the community's dedication.

Digital Projector and Audio System

Over $100,000 was raised by DaysArts in 2013 to install a new digital projector and updated audio system.

Renovation and New Seats

DaysArts raised another $120,000 for floor replacement and new seats.

Performances and Events

DaysArts has hosted a variety of events including concerts, movies, drama performances, and even weddings.

Exciting Insights from DaysArts!

Where Every Snack Counts!

Did you know that every treat you purchase at our concession stand fuels the magic of DaysArts? Yes, that's right! Each popcorn, soda, and snack you enjoy contributes directly to keeping the Daysland Palace Theatre alive and buzzing. From essential utilities like heat and power to those crucial supplies that keep our space clean and welcoming (think napkins, hand soaps, and more), your munching matters!

Powered by Passion and Volunteers

And here's something truly special about us: The Daysland Palace Theatre is a marvel of community spirit, operated entirely by volunteers! Every ticket you buy, every show you attend is brought to life by dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and energy. This isn't just a theatre; it's a testament to what we can achieve when we come together for the love of art and community. So, next time you're here, remember: each moment of your experience is made possible by the incredible efforts of our volunteers. Let's celebrate this extraordinary journey together at DaysArts!

of popcorn
🍿 400lbs
chocolate bars enjoyed
🍫 440
bottles of water drank
💧 1,200
Dayland Palace Theatre

Our Partners: The Associations and Friends of DaysArts

Discover the robust network of established foundations, alliances, and councils that form the backbone of DaysArts, each playing a pivotal role in enriching and sustaining our thriving cultural community.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)
The Alberta Foundation for the Arts is a dynamic provincial agency that fosters and supports the arts community in Alberta. It provides funding and grants to artists and art organizations, aiming to enrich the cultural landscape of the province. The AFA plays a pivotal role in promoting artistic creativity and cultural development in Alberta.
Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)
Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta (ATAA)
The Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta is dedicated to enhancing and ensuring the viability of the performing arts touring network in Alberta. It facilitates touring opportunities for a diverse range of artistic disciplines and supports the professional development of those in the arts sector. ATAA serves as a vital connector between artists, presenters, and communities.
Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta (ATAA)
Motion Picture Theater Association of Alberta
The Motion Picture Theater Association of Alberta (MPTAA) is a trade organization representing the interests of exhibitors behind more than 300 movie screens in Alberta.
Motion Picture Theater Association of Alberta