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Setting Reel Alternatives Apart

DaysArts has proudly presented "Reel Alternative" movies at the Palace Theatre for more than 20 years, offering a distinct cinematic experience beyond mainstream movie fare.

“Your participation in the Reel Alternative Club is more than just a ticket stub; it's a commitment to keeping meaningful cinematic experiences alive in our community.”

Sharon and the DaysArts Team

These Reel Alternatives, often Academy Award nominees, range from independent and Canadian films to captivating foreign movies. Unlike the typical selections at large multiplexes, our movies mirror the eclectic charm found in film festivals and small, independent theatres.

  • Assorted Genres: From comedies and dramas to biographies and documentaries, our selection caters to a wide array of tastes and interests.
  • Unique Offerings: These films are rare gems not typically showcased in mainstream cinema, providing a unique viewing experience.
  • Community Focus: With the recent closure of Edmonton's The Princess on Whyte Avenue, DaysArts remains one of the few venues offering such exclusive content.

The Reel Alternative initiative, while cherished, has been subsidized by our regular movie screenings. To sustain and grow this beloved program, we are thrilled to announce the formation of the Reel Alternative Club. For an annual fee of $100, you'll gain access to every Reel Alternative movie for 12 months from the date of purchase. This supports the upfront costs of acquiring these exceptional films.

Brotherhood : It’s a hell of a tale – and a true one
Percy 2020 film
Bones of Crows
Bones of Crows

Benefits and Changes

  • Exclusive Access: Your club membership grants you access to an entire year of Reel Alternative screenings.
  • Supporting the Arts: Your contribution directly supports the continuation of these unique film offerings.
  • Admission Updates: Note that general admission prices have been adjusted to $10 for adults and $8 for seniors/youth, while children and family ticket prices remain unchanged.

We're deeply grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm. Your involvement has been instrumental in keeping the spirit of cinema alive at the Palace Theatre. As we navigate these changing times, including some adjustments to our concession prices we remain committed to bringing exceptional movie experiences to our community.

To join, you can purchase passes at the theatre, or reach out to us at 780-374-2403 or